“You Oughta Know” — New Release Edition (Vol. 1)

2 min readJul 16, 2021


“Gravity” — Under The Current / “Burn” — Almost Gone

I want to start a series of quick music reviews to showcase some of the amazing talent that is putting out new music right under your noses every single week. This series will serve as a compliment to my YouTube series “You Oughta Know” and just like the video series, these singles/albums are going to be personal choices. There is no agenda and no submission process though. Basically, if I like something and I feel the world needs to know, then I will review it.

So let’s get rockin’, shall we?

“Gravity” — Under The Current (7/16/21)

“Gravity” — Under The Current

This solo project from William Baker (Hollow Intent) just put out its third single and, just like previous efforts, it is a banger. Under The Current’s style will feel familiar to fans of Chevelle, Three Days Grace and Sevendust, yet it separates itself from the aforementioned. The production value of the recording is superb. This is the kind of sound you would expect from a major label production. “I’m falling faster to the end, I’ll float aimlessly until gravity takes me” are pretty deep, strong lyrics that accompany an already powerful musical piece. And let’s not forget Baker’s vocal range that transforms from soothing and melodic to a growling beast in a matter of seconds. If you like heavy, driving riffs and immersive lyrical content, you need to give “Gravity” a listen.

“Burn” — Almost Gone (7/16/21)

“Burn” — Almost Gone

If you needed a new party song motto for the summer, look no further than “Burn”. Almost Gone’s latest single is a punk anthem about having a good time with your friends. From the catchy distorted bass hook at the beginning to lyrics like “Burn it high tonight (tonight) Good friends and cold Busch Light (alright)”, you know this is the type of song you want playing when you’re just chillin’ with your friends around a bonfire and leaving all worries behind. This is also Almost Gone’s best sounding single to date, in my opinion. It’s wide and massive thanks to an amazing production job by Kyle Richards (Gravebound) but it also shows maturity and evolution on the band’s part. If you’re into bands like Blink-182, All-American Rejects and Sum 41, you have to check out “Burn”.




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